The Unique Child Born With 4 Legs

Being someone who is privileged and considered to be incarnations of gods, if not necessarily make a little boy who was 8 years old Kumar Paswan was feeling good. Imagine 8 years of age the same as he did not feel normal friend sepermainannya peers.

8 years suffering from parasites Kumar
Kumar who was born with abnormalities in the body in the form of such growing more legs on the abdomen which in medical terms is called the parasite, so that she felt uncomfortable in the other kid should play. However, Kumar held abnormalities of this reason, make the local community worship and idolize him as the incarnation of god.

incarnations of gods according to the parents of the boy is the father who named Veeresh Paswan who was in the eastern Indian city of Bihar, as quoted from the Daily England now Kumar said Metro wanted a normal life as his friends, because his condition made ​​him not feel comfortable now .

According to medical terms are explained by a team of doctors who handle it mentions that the mother of the child in her womb there are 2 fetal conjoined twins but one fetus finally stopped growing. Still according to the doctors who handle Kumar said after the birth process that kid with such conditions will not be able to survive long ages of his life. But in reality 8 years already Kumar grow normally even though the parasites in his body.

Children incarnation god The family wants their son can be a normal kid, but to perform the operation required a very large fund and this is a serious obstacle for families whose economies are barely fit this. Maybe we can only pray for the boy discordant with the full name of Deepak Kumar Paswan is going to be a normal human figure as he wants.
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Boy Men Wear Skirts to School

Boy Men Wear Skirts to School - Chris Whitehead incredible upset. In the summer, the girls in school short skirts are allowed. However, male students are required to keep wearing long pants. "This form of discrimination. The heat makes us want to wear shorts. "said the boy was 12 years.

Chris and do protest the ridiculous and invite attention. He was wearing a skirt to school at Impington Village College, located not far from Cambridge, England. "I'm not ashamed. Wearing the same skirt it feels like wearing pants, just more relieved, "he said as quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday, May 11, 2011.

Chris is wearing a skirt did not violate school rules. Because the school rules just mentioned that boys should not wear shorts when the summer. There is no prohibition for men to wear skirts. "I'll wear it to school to change the rules,"
he said.

Chris insisted to wear shorts because they feel the heat. "Interfering with concentration while studying," said Chris. He got the skirt of her sister, Joanna, 11 years old, who joined a demonstration along with 30 other students.

The protesters also made ​​this little-pitched protest posters. "Cool shorts, not hot pants" and then there are also posters that read "What's wrong with my legs?" '

Chris's mother, Liz, 50 years, supporting what their children do. He was proud of her son fighting for something he believed was right. The same is also disclosed his father, Brian, 48 years old. "It's a creative protest," he said.
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World’s Shortest Man Dies Aged 21

The world’s shortest man, He Ping Ping from Inner Mongolia China, has died at the age of just 21. He measured just 2′ 5” (73cm), and was recognised as the world’s shortest man by Guinness World Records in 2008.

He died earlier this month in Rome after being hospitalised suffering from chest pains while filming a TV show.

“From the moment I laid on eyes on him, I knew he was someone special,” said Craig Glenday, Guinness World Records editor-in-chief.

“He had such a cheeky smile and mischievous personality, you couldn’t help but be charmed by him. For such a small man, he made a huge impact around the world.” Glenday added that He was “an inspiration to anyone considered different or unusual”.

One of He’s most remarkable photos was taken during the 2008 launch of the latest Guinness World Book of Records, when he sat beneath Svetlana Pankrtova of Russia, who holds the record for the world’s longest legs at 52 inches.

He was also pictured in 2007 meeting the world’s tallest man, Bao Xishun, 56, who is also from Inner Mongolia and stands 7′ 9” (236cm) tall.

Speaking in 2007, He’s father said that when He was born in Wulanchabu city in 1988 he was small enough to fit in an adult palm. He was later diagnosed with the bone deformity known as osteogenesis imperfecta. His name, Ping Ping, comes from the Mandarin for wine bottle. He was known to be a very heavy smoker.

A 17-year-old boy from Nepal is already poised to succeed He’s title when he reaches 18 later this year. Khagendra Thapa Magar is just 22 inches tall compared to He’s 29.

If recognised, Magar stands to surpass the all time record for the world’s shortest man, set by Gul Mohammed of India, who was 22.4 inches tall.
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Battle For World’s Shortest Man Title Heats Up

Almost exactly a year ago, we brought you the story of Khagendra Thapa Magar, a then 17-year-old Nepalese boy slated to take over as the world’s shortest man. Upon turning 18, Khagendra, who is only 26.4 inches tall, took the title from 21-year-old He Ping Ping (R.I.P.), who was 29 inches tall. However, it looks like another champion is rising up—or should I say stooping low?

Hailing from the Zamboanga del Norte province of the Philippines, Junrey Balawing is a 17-year-old young man who is only 22 inches tall, meaning he’s 4.2 inches shorter than Khagendra. As such, when Junrey turns 18 on June 12, he will become the world’s smallest man.

What’s even more amazing about Junrey, however, is that he will in fact be the shortest man who has ever lived. According to Craig Glenday from Guinness World Records, the shortest man thus far was Gul Mohammed of India, who was 22.5 inches tall.

Keep in mind that Junrey hasn’t been tested yet. Craig and his crew are waiting for Junrey’s birthday, at which point they will officially measure him. If his claim is indeed true, then it will be quite a “remarkable claim.”

As for Junrey, he’s trying to wait patiently, but he sure is excited about the prospect.

“If I were the smallest man in the world, it would be very cool,” he said.

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Legless Acrobat Follows His Dream

Elvis Presley among others once sang about following that dream wherever that dream may lead to, and these words are more than just catchy lyric to a former shoeshine boy from Shidao County, Dengfeng, Henan Province.

Born without legs, Lv Li, aged 30, is now living his dream of becoming an acrobat. He is a street performer whose acrobatic stunts glean him an income sufficient to support himself.

His ambition is to join an acrobatic troupe, but Lv realizes he might not be able to do that. His attitude is positive, and he told the press that even if he is unsuccessful in that department, he is happy to continue as a street performer.

His performance routine is vigorous to say the very least. His act includes handstands, snake charming and even fire-breathing for the more difficult to impress. His presence always draws a large audience and he performs in various cities across the region.

“I love acrobatics, and I feel happy when doing it. My health is not so good these days, and the cities are getting stricter with street performers. But I will carry on for as long as I can,” says Lv.

His influence extends further than his act, formidable though it is. Onlookers are inspired by Lv’s determination to overcome his handicap and see in themselves a chance to recoup losses, start over and pursue a life long dream.

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extraordinarily stubborn 'nail houses' ( changsha, china )

his dilapidated shop/home sits continues to do business outside a sparkling, relatively modern-looking shopping centre in changsha city and the contrast between the two buildings is shocking. i don't know much about this house but if you look at the first photo, there are a couple more old properties which also seem to have weathered the development storm. the photos themselves are from october 2007 so i'm unsure whether they held up for much longer and a search on google maps proved fruitless.
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extraordinarily stubborn 'nail houses' ( wu ping, chongqing, china )

perhaps the most famous nail house in history was situated on a huge mound of dirt in chonqing until april 2007, at which point it was demolished by exhausted developers after battling for 3 years and eventually parting with ¥1m. the house's owner, mrs wu ping, was the only person from 241 properties who refused to leave when asked in 2004 in order to make way for a new shopping centre. she really dug her heels in and the story quickly spread around the world by way of the intertubes. there's an interesting interview with mrs wu here. following some searching, see what i believe to be the site of wu ping's old house here on google schnapps.
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10 Weird Things People Eat Around The World

The cultures around the world have each of them their strange type of food that is considered not only to be disgusting but it is also classified as weird, non-eatable, un-appealing etc.

What does exactly define such a food? How come a food considered weird in Europe is a gourmet dish in Thailand or Bahamas Islands?

It seems people all over the world grew accustomed with their own traditions in food and anything related to them and that is why certain dishes seem impossible when you think of them.

Even if sometimes one is tempted to try such a dish out just for the sake of adventure, the experience is a memorable one and can certainly become a habit.

So…how about digging into the international kitchen and discover the 10 strangest types of food that have ever appeared on a plate.

1. Snake Blood

Top of the top in the weirdest foods chart, this odd creation of the human mind recently presented on Discovery, surpasses any other contestant.

Drained from slain king cobras in Thailand it is served as it is or mixed in drinks and is supposed to grant strange virility increasing and magical healing.

It is a creation of “hunting for money” Asian industry and leaving apart that, it must taste disgusting; it is a crime against nature. Since a portion costs around $200-$250 dollars on the black market, soon king cobras will become extinct.

In the end, whether they were born from necessity or from the crazy idea of people looking for thrills, the strangest foods of the world are experiences people tend to take on. Choosing to try one has a lot to do with personal discipline and even more with way the world we live in is seen through our very eyes.


The main dish of the African tribes, this combination of barbecued cow and sheep intestines and served with herbs like aloe and cactus is a nasty piece of work.

Of course when hunger is tormenting one’s stomach, beggars can’t be choosers; but putting it next to other options in African food this dish fails by comparison.

3. Haggis

Scottish originated, this dish surpasses every imagination. The stomach of a sheep is emptied and washed, rolled with onions and put to bake in the company of turnips and potatoes.

It is considered a delicacy and became now-a-days a gourmet dish after being centuries ago the Scottish poor sheep herder’s traditional food.

4. Sea Horses

In Asia, as the food is concerned, the life puts the movie out of business. The innocent sweet little sea horses are considered to be virility source so in spite of the fact that they are endangered species, these little creatures continue to appear as a dish on the menu of the Asian restaurants.

They are boiled in oil and served with mustard sauce. They are said to be sweet but eating them seems quite a crime against nature

5. Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu is an Italian cheese made in the island of Sardinia. The strangest part about it is that in order to achieve the right level of fermentation close to decomposition, this cheese is added a species of translucent worms.
This is done so the fat level will be broken down. It is an ancient recipe and it is supposed to result a real delicacy which… personally I am not tempted to try.

6. Donkey Penis

The latest trend in Chinese kitchen where anything eatable becomes fair game; this dish is something out of a horror movie. Setting apart the disgusting idea and considering only the presentation of this “phallic gourmet” dish, one’s stomach may turn upside down at the sight of something purple hanging in a Chinese meat store or presented on a lettuce platter at dinner.
It is served boiled or fried in oil, or simply dried and sliced thin slice like salami.

7. Silk Worms

Typical Asian dish, Korean to be more specific, this food became popular all over the US and also in the great cities of Europe where the Korean restaurants became popular.
nitially containing rotted baby worms not reaching maturity, the recipe became more elaborate and started using mainly male worms “harvested” after dieing posterior the female fertilization.

The worms are rolled through flour and bread crumbs and fried in palm oil and after that served with a sweet-sour sauce.

8. Criadillas

Criadillas are bull testicles. As everyone knows, from the dawn of times eating manly parts of a slain animal was considered a source of virility. Still consuming such a dish takes a bit of the chart to taste for adventure.

It is said they are very tasty but I guess it takes a lot of courage to take on the trial of trying them.
The same name is given to the pig testicles considered to have a stronger taste but a better “flavor”. They are served grilled, boiled and then roasted or baked with garlic, onions or green parsley. They are quite a challenge and the experience is not one to be forgotten easily.

9. Nutria Stew

I would say…no way, but this habit of eating this “rat” like creature comes from the far away China and during the 17th century spread all over the world.

Nutria is a rodent which likes the water a lot, a mixture between the water rat and the beaver, and it is a herbivore animal with a very beautiful fir. In the beginning they were raised for their fir but soon during the great famine and the war became a valuable source of meat.
It is prepared as stew, boiled with herbs and spices and chopped vegetables such as carrots and onions. In Russia it is served as steak swimming in butter and bathed in white wine.

In France they make soup out of it and in China they prepared almost 40 different dishes among which the weirdest one is that one serving dry nutria meat in thin slices like carpacio.

10. Veres

The Veres is a Hungarian dish with origins somewhere around the 15th century and during that age it was considered a meal of the poor.

Originally was prepared from the blood drained from the pig’s cut throat. The blood was boiled until merely cooked and minced like meat, then it was added boiled pig organs also minced and pieces of boiled bacon.

What do YOU think about this?
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Strange Animal Hybrids (The Cats)

This is what happens when you give cat lovers power. They start going nuts with it. There's the savannah cat, which is a mix of domestic cat and the wild African serval, making a pet that is both better equipped and more inclined to rip one of its owners ears off than any cat before it. There's the liguar, which was a lion's head on a jaguar's body. After that it's not even about looks anymore - its about language. The names made up for these species sound like a Lewis Carroll nonsense poem, and over generations the words get ever more entangled until there are things called leoliguards and lijaguleps. King of the big cats is the liger, a lion father and tiger mother bred together in a way that enhances both species' gene expression for size, resulting in a cat that's about ten feet tall and nearly a half a ton in weight. The only other cat that can compare is part of the fossil record. The liger harkens back to the days of megafauna. It wouldn't even consider a human a snack. . . I want one. And also a zony.

What do YOU think about this?
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Strange Animal Hybrids (The Zebroids)

Zorse, zonkey, zony, zebrass; these are all the things that happen when a zebra is put together with various kinds of horses. They come out looking every possible way. Some have zebra-like manes and striped legs. Some have pony bodies with faint stripes. Some are brown horses with white zebra stripes. Some are horses with black zebra stripes. Some look like someone threw a bucket of white paint at a zebra. It may be wrong to mess with nature, but it's an incredible image, sometimes.

What do YOU think about this?
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Strange Animal Hybrids (The Ursids)

Everyone knows about the grolar bear - the polar/grizzly mix that needs more meat to live and will eventually kill us all. But there have been plenty of bear crossovers over the years. There are plenty of brown and black bear hybrids running around the US. There have also been hybrids at several zoos, including a Malayan Sun bear and a sloth bear, a sloth bear and an Asiatic black bear, a black bear and a spectacled bear, and a black bear and a sun bear. As long as their partner can open a human's skull with a quick flip of its claws, they aren't picky. It's like they think they're in the ocean.

What do YOU think about this?
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Strange Animal Hybrids (The Coywolf)

This is an example of humanity screwing itself over. Due to reduced habitat, the coyote and the wolf have been brought into close quarters. Coyotes are small and solitary, but aren't particularly scared of humans. Wolves are larger, but don't tend to sidle up to humanity. The combination is quite large, and doesn't tend to be scared of people, what with its full complement of sly wits and huge teeth and long legs.

What do YOU think about this?
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Strange Animal Hybrids (The Cama)

The camel and llama; when you want your pack animal to be able to spit a really long way. This creature is meant to have the long legs of a camel with the warm coat of llama - but it comes with a number of quirks. It only works if a male camel knocks up a female llama. Its ears are half way between the size of a camel's and a llama's. And it has the world's only partially-cloven hoof, meaning it is partly devilish. There are only a few in the world, as success in interbreeding the two animals has been spotty. Well. Would you kiss something with those teeth?

What do YOU think about this?
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Strange Animal Hybrids (The Wholphin)

This is actually a cheat on the part of publicity-seekers. The wholphin isn't really a whale-dolphin mix. It's a mix of two species of dolphin, one of which is a known as a 'false killer whale'. The wholphin has the black markings and size of a false killer whale and the otherwise grey skin of a dolphin. But that's just the tip of the ice berg. It seems the sea is just a big salty orgy. Bottlenose dolphins have been known to interbreed with spinner dolphins, spotted dolphins, Risso's dolphins, and pretty much any other dolphin they can get their fins on. Narwals and beluga whales have been said to interbreed. Some even say that blue whales, fin whales and humpback whales hybridize. It's sick under the waves.

What do YOU think about this?
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Strange Animal Hybrids (The Toast of Botswana)

This goat-sheep hybrid is unusual because its two parents have different numbers of chromosomes. Sheep have 54 and goats have sixty. This guy manages to have fifty-seven, in what has to be an admirable compromise. It's resistant to sickness, and scientists are studying its parents to figure out how hybridization works, especially during pregnancy. Although goats and sheep often share the same spaces and interbreed, not many of the offspring are born alive. I'd love to see people actually toasting this. "Here's to you, Whatever You Are! Way to live!"

What do YOU think about this?
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Strange Animal Hybrids (The Zubron)

This was another animal that was created to try to make agriculture easier. At the end of the first World War, when everyone in Europe was starving and life was miserable, Polish farmers decided it was too much trouble to raise regular cattle. The cows succumbed to disease, they died in the cold, and they took a lot of herding. Farmers wanted cattle that could be left alone until someone decided to wander out into the field and slaughter them. Enter the Zubron. It was a cross between the domesticated cow and the Polish wisent, a horned animal also known as a zubr. The breeders ran into some hiccups in making these. The males of the first generation were sterile. The females, however, were fertile, and could be bred with cows or wisents, producing fertile males for the next generation. They were impervious to disease, cold, and many harsh conditions. Why aren't we eating Zubron right now? The females grow to 800 pounds. The males to 1200, with horns. You try to slaughter one. And after that, go after its American version, the beefalo.

What do YOU think about this?
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Strange Animal Hybrids (The Featherless Chicken)

Now this looks like a blood parrot. This chicken it the result of intentional crossbreeding of a bare-necked chicken and a regular broiler chicken. It has no feathers, and is meant to make the processing of chicken on step faster, since it doesn't have to be plucked. It would also be an easy way to give atmosphere to a horror movie. It looks like something out of Silent Hill.

What do YOU think about this?
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Strange Animal Hybrids (The Blood Parrot)

This one got on the list solely because it has an awesome name. It's a hybridization of two species of cichlid - the redheaded cichlid and the midas cichlid. The pairing turned out pretty much as well as anything midas-related. The blood parrot has a vertically opening mouth that it can't close entirely. It can't chew and has to crush its food in its throat. It also has deformed irises and a malfunctioning swim bladder which causes it to loop in random directions sometimes. Other than that, it's just an orange fish. In recent years, there's been a large movement to stop the breeding or selling of blood parrots, since they're prone to malnutrition, and there's no reason to breed them in the first place.

What do YOU think about this?
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Giant Monster From the Deep: Japanese Spider Crab

With legs long enough to straddle a Buick, this sea monster plucked from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, measures a staggering ten feet from claw to claw. It currently resides in Britain at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, and retains the honor of being the biggest crab ever seen.

Of the genus arthopod (Macrocheira kaempferi in Latin) this creature is still growing and could live up to 100 years, its legs eventually reaching fifteen feet! It is not known how old the crab is, and its body is the size of a basketball.

Dubbed “Crabzilla” for obvious reasons; had Jules Verne seen this creature perhaps he might have chosen it over the killer squid in Twenty Thousand Leagues under The Sea.

This giant crab is a lethal and fearful predator in ocean depths of up to 2,500 feet, but out of the water looks weak and limp because its limbs are so heavy that the body can’t support it.

In the ebb and flow of the balance of nature, this big fellow has its enemies as well, but they all have two feet and open mouths. Salted and steamed, the Japanese Spider Crab is considered a delicacy in Japan, although they are banned in the spring when they lay their eggs.

“It is rumored these crabs can grow to four meters (about 14 feet) across. Our open-topped ray tank has the icy cold waters Crabzilla needs, and will be his home until the end of March. He absolutely dwarfs the other crabs in there, but he’s not aggressive and they should have nothing to worry about,” says Graham Burrows, curator of the National Sea Life Centre.

The front limbs of the Japanese Spider Crab are feeding arms, with each one measuring over five feet long and ending in sizeable claws.

It would seem that the Elizabethan bearded bard we all know and love said it more aptly than anyone ever could: “There more things in heaven and earth, my dear Horatio, than are dreamt of…”

What do YOU think about this?
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Real Life “King Kong” to Get Married

Yu, Zhenghuan,30, has nicknamed himself ‘King Kong’ but not because of his size but rather because of his hairiness. He suffers from the rare condition called hypertrichosis and has become relatively famous in China.

Recently Yu has announced that he is planning to get married at the end of the year to a girl he met at a friend’s party.

“We fell in love at the first sight.” he was quoted as saying. “I am like King Kong and would do everything for the woman I love. If my schedule is not too full this year, I plan to get married with her at the end of the year.”

“I am a normal person. But when I was young, I always felt I was inferior to others, who saw me as a freak.”

Yu, who was born in Anshan city, has heavy black hair covering his body and face as is typical of hypertrichosis patients.
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World’s Tallest Man gets married

Bao Xishun, 55, from Mongolia, China is 7 foot 9 inches tall. He has never been married or even dated because of his extreme height. In February this year, he met a 28 year-old girl named Xia, and they fell in love.
Just a couple of days ago, the couple were married.
13 Worlds Tallest Man gets married picture
The soft spoken giant is from a family of herdsmen in Inner Mongolia. He has five normal-sized brothers and sisters. Earlier this year he was officially recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest man on the planet.
His height was normal until he was 15, then the extraordinary growth spurt started. By the ago of 20, he was already 6 foot 11.
Bao now weighs 364 pounds, has legs that stretch for 4 foot 11 inches and his feet are each 1 foot 3 inches in length. Last year, he used his 3 foot 6 inch long arm to save a dolphin by extracting a plastic object from its stomach.
13A Worlds Tallest Man gets married picture
Edit: Just found another picture of the happily married couple.
xin 09030428143236189988 Worlds Tallest Man gets married picture
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Big Potatoes: what shall I cook this Potato in?

I have seen some big potatoes in my time, but this one is massive. Now how would you cook this potato?

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Top 8 weird and bizarre food dishes in the world: Would you eat it?

snake for dinner you sick person
You know what I am feeling sick just writing this after looking at the pictures here, above you will see one picture but we thought we would give you the other 7 after the read more link. The reason we have done it this way because at least you have the choice of being sick with me.
are those little puppies
eat my brains weirdo
i love the worm cake
unborn rodents ur sick
waiter my food has maggots
what the hell is this food
why would i eat that shit.

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Worst flavored ice cream is the mash cone: sausage, mash potato, gravy and peas

There are so many different flavors when it comes to ice cream; my favorite has to be pistachio. However there are some nasty flavors and the mash cone has to be the worst one of them all. How would you like to go out on a hot summer’s day and then think I know I want a mash cone which consists of sausage, mash potato, gravy and peas.
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The strangest full woman angel body tattoo but yet sexy and sensual

I love tattoos and seem to be so hooked on the one above, to tell you the truth I really hate full body tattoos especially on women, but this one is a turn on. The woman is so sexy it is unreal and with the angle wings and the stunning tattoo art it is so mesmerising.
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Freaky piercings and tattoos

I have seen some freaky tattoos and body piercings in my time, but this guy really does look like a freak. How could anyone be able to walk down the street when you know that people will be staring at you.
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Proteus Syndrome, The Elephant Man, The boy with frozen bones

I know this is an illness and yes I have put it under the weird category, the reason for this is because the human body takes so much shit when you think about it, so many illnesses, so many diseases, I mean come on where do these weird illnesses come from. Proteus syndrome is a congenital disorder that causes skin overgrowth and atypical bone development, often accompanied by tumours over half the body. Since Dr. Michael Cohen identified it in 1979, [1] only a few more than 200 cases have been confirmed worldwide, with estimates that about 120 people are currently alive with the condition.[2] There may be many more than this, but those individuals correctly diagnosed usually have the most obvious manifestations of Proteus syndrome, leaving them severely disfigured. Proteus syndrome is named after the Greek sea-god Proteus, who could change his shape.

There was a program about the boy with frozen bones which shows nine year-old Jordan who is full of hope and vitality. But Jordan’s body is not ordinary. He was born with a rare genetic condition called Proteus Syndrome, the same condition that afflicted John Merrick, The Elephant Man.
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Extreme Piercing for the Love of Gods (part 2)

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