Boy Men Wear Skirts to School

Boy Men Wear Skirts to School - Chris Whitehead incredible upset. In the summer, the girls in school short skirts are allowed. However, male students are required to keep wearing long pants. "This form of discrimination. The heat makes us want to wear shorts. "said the boy was 12 years.

Chris and do protest the ridiculous and invite attention. He was wearing a skirt to school at Impington Village College, located not far from Cambridge, England. "I'm not ashamed. Wearing the same skirt it feels like wearing pants, just more relieved, "he said as quoted by the Daily Mail, Wednesday, May 11, 2011.

Chris is wearing a skirt did not violate school rules. Because the school rules just mentioned that boys should not wear shorts when the summer. There is no prohibition for men to wear skirts. "I'll wear it to school to change the rules,"
he said.

Chris insisted to wear shorts because they feel the heat. "Interfering with concentration while studying," said Chris. He got the skirt of her sister, Joanna, 11 years old, who joined a demonstration along with 30 other students.

The protesters also made ​​this little-pitched protest posters. "Cool shorts, not hot pants" and then there are also posters that read "What's wrong with my legs?" '

Chris's mother, Liz, 50 years, supporting what their children do. He was proud of her son fighting for something he believed was right. The same is also disclosed his father, Brian, 48 years old. "It's a creative protest," he said.
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