The Unique Child Born With 4 Legs

Being someone who is privileged and considered to be incarnations of gods, if not necessarily make a little boy who was 8 years old Kumar Paswan was feeling good. Imagine 8 years of age the same as he did not feel normal friend sepermainannya peers.

8 years suffering from parasites Kumar
Kumar who was born with abnormalities in the body in the form of such growing more legs on the abdomen which in medical terms is called the parasite, so that she felt uncomfortable in the other kid should play. However, Kumar held abnormalities of this reason, make the local community worship and idolize him as the incarnation of god.

incarnations of gods according to the parents of the boy is the father who named Veeresh Paswan who was in the eastern Indian city of Bihar, as quoted from the Daily England now Kumar said Metro wanted a normal life as his friends, because his condition made ​​him not feel comfortable now .

According to medical terms are explained by a team of doctors who handle it mentions that the mother of the child in her womb there are 2 fetal conjoined twins but one fetus finally stopped growing. Still according to the doctors who handle Kumar said after the birth process that kid with such conditions will not be able to survive long ages of his life. But in reality 8 years already Kumar grow normally even though the parasites in his body.

Children incarnation god The family wants their son can be a normal kid, but to perform the operation required a very large fund and this is a serious obstacle for families whose economies are barely fit this. Maybe we can only pray for the boy discordant with the full name of Deepak Kumar Paswan is going to be a normal human figure as he wants.
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