Grandma Brazil holds a World's oldest

Guinness World Records named Maria Valentim Gomes as the world's oldest woman, on Wednesday (05/18/2011). Valentim grandmother now aged 114 years 313 days. He toppled the previous record held by Besse Cooper from the United States. Cooper's 48 days younger than Valentim.

Valentim was born on July 9, 1896 in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Married in 1913, she was a widow since 1946. From his marriage, he has a son who gave her four grandchildren, seven great-, and five great-grandchildren. It was they who had been accompanying daily.

According to Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records Craig Glenday, as long as there is no "claim the success of Brazil in terms of longevity. " What often happens is that most of the claims "oldest person" is not accompanied by documents which can be accounted for.

Earlier, a Brazilian woman named Sebastiana de Lourdes Silva admitted 116 years old. He claims to have the document as proof that he deserves the title of the world's oldest woman. However, the Guinness World Records has never examined the documents.

Glenday said, "the title of oldest human applicant must show the original birth certificate, issued at least 20 years after birth, and proof that the bearer certificate it's really people who are in deed".

When asked the secret of longevity, Maria Valentim Gomes reveals a simple recipe. He said, a healthy diet makes a long life. He started the day with a cup of coffee, bread, and fruit. Occasionally he enjoys wine.
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Want to Stop Smoking? Only Carrot Sip

A prison in New Zealand offers a carrot to the prisoners to help them overcome the addiction to cigarettes. Next month in state prisons will be smoke free.

It was revealed from an internal memo that leaked from Invercargill Prison. In the memo mentioned prepared two carrots a day for each prisoner so that they stop smoking, smoke-free regulations enacted before July 1 next. The memo was called a jumbo-sized carrot to produce 16 bars if cut size of a cigarette carrots.

President of the Prison Association of New Zealand Beven Hanlon thought it was a joke when I first heard about it. "I think it's not the best idea, but worth a shot," said Hanlon.

Carrots is intended to divert attention from the prisoners cigarettes. It's a healthier option than replacing cigarettes with other foods, candies, for example.

Hanlon, the union representing prison guards, said the carrot sticks that are intended to distract the prisoners from the cigarette. It's a healthier option than replacing cigarettes with other foods, candies, for example.

"This is all related to the mouth ... if there is something in the mouth, then they would not find cigarettes to tuck," he said.
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Grandma's 74 Year female bodybuilders World's Oldest

He was already bercucu, but do not call the old Ernestine Shepherd. Female 74 years old from Baltimore, United States, have recently been crowned as the world's oldest female bodybuilders of all time by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Appearance of this mighty grandmother was remarkable. Her body was the envy of many people. Why not, his body slender with muscular legs and arms. The most amazing thing is his stomach, six-pack. To the Washington Post, he said, "Age is just numbers."

In that age, my grandmother Shepherd is still a fitness instructor. Granny one grandson that also gives an example. "If you want to motivate others, you have to do the same thing," he said.

In addition to teaching fitness, mother of one boy was diligent practice. Unmitigated, his coach is Yohnnie Shambourger (57), a former Mr. Universe who won the gold medal for bodybuilding at the Pan American Games 1995.

Over the last 18 years, Ernestine Shepherd is following the marathon race nine and won two bodybuilding competitions.

"You are a champion, and I will train you like a champion," he said Shambourger motivate their students.

Shepherd wake up every day at 03.00 in the morning to meditate. Then he ran as far as 16 kilometers exercising in a city park.

Of course he keep eating. She only ate brown rice, chicken breast and vegetables, then menggelontornya with a glass of raw egg white. That's the menu three times a day and every day. Shepherd also admitted to not like sweet foods.

Shepherd admitted he had a lazy person. He does not like to do physical activity. Until one day, he and Mildred, his sister, realizes that their bodies start softening. No matter her age was 56 years old, brother and sister who are very familiar began training at a fitness center.

Because satisfied with the results, they also increase the intensity of exercise. They even started to dare to follow the bodybuilding competition.

Over the last 18 years, Grandma Shepherd've been following a marathon race nine and won two bodybuilding competitions.

Ernestine Shepherd lives with her husband, Colin, who has been married for 54 years. He also lived with his son and grandson.

Seeing him train so hard, many people said he would quickly die. "We're all going to die. However, I am more concerned with quality of life I live," he said.
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10 Special and Rare-bodied Humans

1.Annika Irmler: Longest Tongue

Annika Irmler was a student from Germany, with a tongue that is longer than average length of a normal human tongue he made ​​it into the Guinness Book Of The Record, when he was 12 years.

Annika from Tangstedt, near Hamburg, Germany is able to lick the bottom of the remaining ice cream shaped like a trumpet pembungusnya were his friends had picked at the remaining ice cream had to use their fingers.

2. Frank Ames: The owner of Eye Longest Eyebrow

Frank comes from Saranac New York, eyebrow hairs have a length of 9.6 cm beyond reasonableness when his record was recorded in the Guinness Book of books in 2003, himself admitted to not so understand why such circumstances could she suffers.

3. Devendra Harne and Pranamya Menaria: Man With the Most Number of fingers (25 fingers)

Both came from India, they both have 25 fingers the number of both hands and feet that is 12 hands and 13 legs that actually this condition is caused by a medical symptom called Polydactylism.

4. Cathie Jung: Woman With World's Smallest Waist

Cathie Jung has a waist size is 15 inch (28 cm), so he bears the nickname as RatuCorset eventually even this record even included in The Guinness Book of Records as the record holder for the smallest waist.

Other Greatness of Jung was able to get out of the bag after folding suitcase in it only in a very short time of 13 seconds once her body is very flexible.

5. Svetlana Pankratova: World's Longest Legs
Long legs up to 132 cm so that the total overall height is up to 196 cm, not just feet high but any size including very large shoes to normal size, Pankratova shoe size 46 (European size) or 13 (American size).

Pankratovaever a basketball player in America 1992 to 1995 and in 2008 ,he had been present at Trafalgar Square in London when confronted with Pingping is predicated as the smallest in the world when they both promote the latest edition of Guinness Book of books in 2009 .

6. Mehmet Ozyurek: Longest Nose Size
Born in Turkey in 1949, Mehmet Ozyurek has been confirmed as human with the longest nose in the world with a record of 8.8 inches was recorded, this record is recorded on the 6th of July 2007 up to now live in Artvin Turkey Mehmet.

7. Vivian Wheeler: Woman Has Rare The Beard
At a glance if you saw his performance it is not the slightest thought of himself as a real woman's figure, because the original Vivian Illinois United States has a bushy beard should a grown man, and this condition dialamainya since childhood.

Since the age of 7 years old his father had tried hard to shave the beard that grows on the chin Vivian, but always just grow again.

8. Radhakant Baijpai: Longest Ear Hair in (13 cm)
Men seller of foods derived from India has a desire to be the one with the longest ear hair, and eventually even mencatatkannya Book World Records in 2003 along the 13.2 cm.

Ttetapi that did not necessarily make it complacent, he continues to treat the hair in his ears, and not wonder if now he was getting ready to update records in the book Guinness Book record with a length of 25 cm.

9. Lui Hua: Largest Hand (10.2-inch length of his left thumb)
Originally from China, Lui Hua suffers disorder better known as Macrodactyly, in fact these conditions are quite reduced because Lui had previously undergone several surgeries to relieve a large burden on his finger, and the next there are still some possibility of another surgery in hospitals in urban Shanghai .

10. Lee Redmond: Longest Finger Nails, Could Damage Due to Car Accident
A woman from the state of Utah United States who has never cut the nails on his fingers since 1979, always treated him with a manicure with a total length of 8.65 meters and was listed in The Guinness Book of Records as the owner of the longest fingernails.

unfortunately a car accident that happened to make damaged and broken nails this special.
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