Legless Acrobat Follows His Dream

Elvis Presley among others once sang about following that dream wherever that dream may lead to, and these words are more than just catchy lyric to a former shoeshine boy from Shidao County, Dengfeng, Henan Province.

Born without legs, Lv Li, aged 30, is now living his dream of becoming an acrobat. He is a street performer whose acrobatic stunts glean him an income sufficient to support himself.

His ambition is to join an acrobatic troupe, but Lv realizes he might not be able to do that. His attitude is positive, and he told the press that even if he is unsuccessful in that department, he is happy to continue as a street performer.

His performance routine is vigorous to say the very least. His act includes handstands, snake charming and even fire-breathing for the more difficult to impress. His presence always draws a large audience and he performs in various cities across the region.

“I love acrobatics, and I feel happy when doing it. My health is not so good these days, and the cities are getting stricter with street performers. But I will carry on for as long as I can,” says Lv.

His influence extends further than his act, formidable though it is. Onlookers are inspired by Lv’s determination to overcome his handicap and see in themselves a chance to recoup losses, start over and pursue a life long dream.

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