Strange Animal Hybrids (The Zubron)

This was another animal that was created to try to make agriculture easier. At the end of the first World War, when everyone in Europe was starving and life was miserable, Polish farmers decided it was too much trouble to raise regular cattle. The cows succumbed to disease, they died in the cold, and they took a lot of herding. Farmers wanted cattle that could be left alone until someone decided to wander out into the field and slaughter them. Enter the Zubron. It was a cross between the domesticated cow and the Polish wisent, a horned animal also known as a zubr. The breeders ran into some hiccups in making these. The males of the first generation were sterile. The females, however, were fertile, and could be bred with cows or wisents, producing fertile males for the next generation. They were impervious to disease, cold, and many harsh conditions. Why aren't we eating Zubron right now? The females grow to 800 pounds. The males to 1200, with horns. You try to slaughter one. And after that, go after its American version, the beefalo.

What do YOU think about this?
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