Top 10 Most Extremely Modified People

People modify their bodies in order to look different. They have that feeling of being unique and special, chosen in a way. Most of them have some psychological issues and therefore they compensate for a void in their private life by getting tattooed or piercing their skin. None the less some body modifications can look pretty cool. Take a look at some of the most extremely modified people in the world!

1. Etienne Dumont

Etienne Dumond doesn’t look like a critic but he is one. He is in fact a critic for Geneva newspapers. Since he’s a critique he claims that his tattoos are his arte that he can take wherever he does. I wonder how he accepts the critiques of other people when they see him in the street looking like that. Not only is he tattooed all over but he has silicone implants in his skin that look like horns. That is not all; he has 7.2 inches wide rings in his ears and a plexiglass piercings in his nose and under his bottom lip. It’s certainly not a pretty sight.

2. Dennis Awner

Dennis Avner aka the Catman was born in Flint, Michigan August 27, 1958) of Tonopah, Nevada, United States. He prefers being called Stalking Cat, which resembles his Native American name. He has numerous implants in his face; he has tiger teeth, nails, tail, whiskers his goal is to look like a tiger.


3. Erik Sprague

Erik Sprague aka the Lizardman is another animal-lover who decided to modify his body in order to look like a lizard. He is a freak show and side show performer. He has sharpened teeth, a full-body tattoo of green scales, bifurcated tongue, and green-inked lips. Imagine how dreadful he will look when he gets old. He’ll look like an old wrinkly lizard.



4. Julia Gnuse

Julia Gnuse aka the Illustrated Lady is the most tattooed women in the world. She was born with a disease called porphyria that caused her skin to blister regularly and scar as the final result. In order to make some changes before the disease, she tattooed her entire body. She’s been signed in the Guiness Book of Records as the most tattooed women alive, with 95% of her body covered with tattoos.

5. Pauly Unstoppable

Unstoppable was probably given in order to show how persistent this guy is, but apparently in this context unstoppable only signifies stupidity. He was the first person that got the white of his eyes tatted. How stupid is that? He has huge rings in his nostrils you can almost see the bone, he has scars cut into his cheeks and forehead, a split tongue, domes implanted under the his skin. This guy really doesn’t know how to stop.



6. Rick Genest

The Zombie boy doesn’t need a mask for Halloween; he’s wearing every single day since he’s been tattooed in such a way to look like a skeleton. It looks surreal. More than 24 hours have been spent on his tattoos in the ‘derm fx tattoo‘studio in Montreal, costing over $4,075 Canadian dollars.


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